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Loss A Friend


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I lost a friend whom I've known for 10 years. He was my first boyfriend. He had alot of medical problems but managed for years. Years ago we were in the car he thought he had really bad heartburn. I convinced him to go the E.R which I'm gald we did. Turned out he had two heart attacks. He had open heart surgery. We lived our own individual lives but kept in contact through out the years. This Sunday morning I had and instinct to just call him. It was 4:00am. Why I had the urge the call him at that time I don't know. The call when to the voicemail which was strange to me because he never has his phone turned off. I decided to google him, by instinct. The first thing that popped up was "McCaffery cremation and funeral home. Followed by his picture and obituary. I was in shock almost denial.I got a hold of his friend who confirm his passing. His friends and family try to get a hold of me but didn't know my full name. It hurts so much. He passed almost 2 months ago. I never got to say goodbye. I've never loss anyone before. All the emotions that hits feels like a never ending pain. 

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