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In Menory of My Brother Larry


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My brother was 14 months older than I am ,all my life he has been there with the right words or actions or reactions I needed to handel what life sent.

We had a rough childhood ,I'll keep this short.

Our mother left us myself 6 weeks old my brother 15 months old and our oldest brother 3 years old ,with a family member and never looked back, my dad re married 6 times by the time I was 15.

My brother was an OTR heavy haul trucker driver for almost 20 years with almost a spotless driving record.. On August 25 the day before my 47th b-day thid year he was hauling a load of 2 7/8 pipe in the oil flieds in Utha on a gravel road down a 15% grade hill with a hair pin curve at the bottom he made the curve alright but his back trailer tire grabed the soft edge and pulled him down a 20 foot embankment with the load of pipe landing on top of the cab of his truck killing him instantly.

I lost my only daughter in 2001 she was 21 and a drunk driver ran her off the road on her way to work one afternoon , life as I knew it stopped for me that day and if it had'nt been for my brother Larry I believe my life would have ended by my hand soon after ,,but he was there with words of commpassion or words of ' get a grip' or a hug or money whatever I needed to get past the rough parts and keep me going on .with this journey I find myself on.

My brother followed in our dads footsteps when it came to getting married and at 48 he had an even 1/2 dozen ex wives,, well the company he was working for paid all furnral expences 2 of the ex wives got wind of this and tried to talk Larry's 3 kids into having him creamated cuz it's so much cheaper,, they figured it would cost less than $2000.00 to do that and they could all pocket the change, as everyone on this forum knows what the cost of a furnral now days is,, my brother died in utha on August 25th we was able to finelly lay him to rest 9 days later in the family cemetary in New Mexico ,,it took those ex wives that long to find out the company would pay whatever it cost to the mortuary not just send a check to the kids,, they decided all the sudden that Larry was such a great guy that he deserved the very best after the 'pocket change' idea fell thur, for nine days I sat here in New Mexico and my oldest brother sat in Manchester Tenn. and out family from Texas, Oklahoma and Utha

sat on top of the phone waiting for those kids to decide what they was gonna do and the whole while the kids was yeling at anyone that would try to makethem understand thier dad never wanted to be creamated he actully picked his plot in the cemetary when we buried my Verna there 6 years ago,,they would yell and cuss and tell any of us to shut the f##k up that Gemma (the second to last ex wife) knew what he wanted more than anyone so we could just stop tring to make thier lives harder than it already was.. those 9 days were some of the worst I think I've ever been thur,, my oldest brother and my youngest son and some other family members could'nt make it to the furnral because for nine days they was telling thier bosses they did'nt know when or for how long they needed off from work,, needless to say their bosses could'nt 'work around" that kind of BS . When those ex wives and his kids called it was to say " well were gonna have a memorial service in Dever where they all live probilly friday or saturday and try to get him down to New Mexico sunday and hopefully bury him monday,,well no one from out of state could go to the boss after 9 days with that kind of s#it and ask for any time off...


I have always had a close realsonship with my neices and nephew ad have been able to talk with the three seperately about the drama and pain and BS they caused all of us by listening to women thier dad had divorced and really could'nt stand to be around and yes I understand the shock of his sudden dath was really hard on those kids because thur all tyheir childhoods and adult life he was right there for them uncondicinally ,,that how those ex wives was able to mess with thier heads liike that because they knew thosr kids would be in shock and lost with out thier dads advice and council,,,


I am still so damn mad that they tried to take advantage of his death and his kids like that I would gladly rip their heads off and s4it down the hole,, they never would of tried that when he was alive,,he divorced that Gemma because she was negleting those kids and treating them like something less then human beings and the other ex was the 3 kids mother that lost custody of them when they were small pre school children because her party and boyfreinds were more important then her babies,,



To the land of the dead in the dusk returning,

All deeds done, time gone, life ending, no more amending.

This is what you are, this is your name, you know it all at last.

We who are left on life's shore mourning as you walk on into the

dark not turning.

We can not go with you, this journey all make alone.

How ever Loved, and you were Loved,

How ever Strong, and you were Strong,

How ever Brave, and you were Brave,

How ever Skilled, and you were Skilled,

You will come alone to Deaths Halls. Speak there your

Name and Deeds for them to stand alone for what you were.

You go on shine bright, begin a new life, taking from this

all the mistakes.

Do not grieve for us, though we are sundered.

You were what you were, You will be remembered.

Learn to be what more you can be and we will mourn

the name you left us on Life's shore bound by old choices.

Go Free ahead on new Paths Returning.


Larry A. Pohl Sr. born

July 18, 1959 Albuquerque, New Mexico

entered into rest in Vernal Utha

August 25, 2007






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