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The Crucible ...

Larry W.

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A few days after my wife passed into God's Hands (almost three months ago), I posted in here for the first time.  I didn't realize that, when I did this, I was totally numb - mentally, physically, and spiritually.  I did not/could not begin to comprehend that my anchor now lay broken on the bedrock of my life.  Oh how well I began to know that I was adrift in a sea of despair and loneliness.  

The pain was unbearable - and tears were my constant companions.  But, through it all, I knew I had to persevere or just give up.  Avoiding the latter with great effort, I reverted back to my military training.  I began to understand that I was in THE fight of my life - one which involved ALL of my emotions in a struggle between good and evil.

This terrible process only became one of "healing" when I began to acknowledge the inner strength of what I can only call 'my soul.'  I now pray for everyone suffering the loss of their spouse - and there are so many these days.  As a way of offering hope (in the only way I can), I wrote the following poem this (yet-another mourning) morning ... 

~ The Crucible ~

The Death Of Your Partner For Life, 
The Loving Lady Who Was Your Sweet Wife, …
Brings A Sadness Beyond Your Thoughts To Contain …
A Time When Despair Falls Down Like Rain.

You Look Up And See That The Sky Is Crying,
Because It Knows, That Deep Inside, You Are Dying.
So Alone, You Stare Down In Pain,
Truly Aware That You Now Have Nothing To Gain.

And, Then, IF She Has Taught You How To Live,
You Will Slowly Begin To Learn How To Forgive - 
Mostly Yourself For All You Should Have Done, 
But Weren't Loving Enough To Let In The Sun.

On Cloudy Days Filled With Regret,
You Must Soon Learn To Accept …
That Loneliness Without Hope,
Creates A World In Which You Cannot Cope.

That Your Life Itself May Now Be At An End, 
Since Your Tattered Soul Can No Longer Mend.
Barely Here By Yourself In Space And Time
Increasingly Separated From HER In Your Mind.

Your Heart Must Grab The Wheel Of Fate,
And Try To Understand That It's Not Too Late,
To Gather Up What Is Now Just Dust,
And Seek The ONE In Whom You Can Trust.

Embrace The Quantum-Entanglement Of Your Life …
The Mysterious Force That Brought You Your Wife!
Try To Learn How To Take One Step At A Time,
To Begin Anew Your Journey Not Yet Defined.

Give Yourself A Chance – To Visit France ,,,
Or Learn How To Gracefully Dance!
To Appreciate A Baby's Smile,
To Forgive Everyone – More Than Once In Awhile!

And Become Who You Are Meant To Be!
Learning To Swim Again In The Deep Blue Of Eternity!

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Larry, how sweet of you!  Thank you, you are indeed gifted and we appreciate your sharing it with us!

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