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i just lost my dear father


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I still cannot believe it

My father passed away about 24 hours ago due to a complication of covid 19

even though he was stable and we were told by hospital staff he had good chances to recover

his death was so sudden, i just got a call from my elder sister almost at midnight to tell me

everywhere i look in our house, his stuff his clothes his photos they cause me so much pain to look 

after i looked at his body i saw his face and i swear something broke in me every time i remember i cant stop my tears

i loved my father so much i was so hopeful and i was praying every day for his life and he was taken from me

from my 10 year old little brother, from my grieving and already delicate mother, from my little sister

i feel so lost, i feel like i can't deal with this, everybody tells me i'm the man of the house now and to be strong

but how can i overcome this horrible pain in my chest, in my heart and how will i stop missing him and just wanting to hug him and tell him

how much i loved him. 

i just want something to help me, i feel broken, sad and anger at the same time. how can i start to cope and make peace with it

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Dear Jag,

I'm terribly sorry for your devastating loss. I know the pain and sorrow is unimaginable right now. It's a terrible shock and it will be hard for a long time. Please know we are with you. I hope you have some relatives and friends you can lean on for support.

My deepest condolences and sympathies. Sending my thoughts and prayers to you and your family.

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just thought I would message you as I feel your pain. My father was taken away suddenly last week, not from Covid but from something completely avoidable. 
he was fit and healthy and it hurts. so bad. He was my rock. 

I feel scared and heartbroken like you.

How old are you? 

im so sorry as I know the pain you are going through and wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. 

I can’t look at pictures. My mum is asking me about funeral music and I feel like I’m going to be sick When. I realise there is going to be a funeral. I can’t listen to anything, look at anything. I had to pick out his clothes for the funeral. No child should have to do that. 

I just want you to know that you aren’t alone. I don’t know how but we will get through these things... the human mind is powerful and you will find the strength from somewhere. 

I would recommend crying as much as you can... it helps. I also got a notebook and use half of it for writing down my feelings everyday. And the other half for writing down memories of him as I’m so scared of forgetting anything. 

it still doesn’t feel real. 
life is cruel. 
Im so sorry you feel this pain too 

stay strong 

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So sorry for your loss i am in exactly the same situation. My dad passed last month due to covid complications. I cannot offer much advice as i am struggling myself but all i know is find support from family and friends and find a reason to go on. I hope we both move on one day

 Take care

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