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Losing all support completey


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Guest it feels like that

yes, it does feel like that sometimes. I just got left by my partner. we were together nearly 12 years. She was my whole world. It feels like there is nothing. I feel you. I hope you are ok. hang in there. x

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Gina Maria

Yes... And It's never-ending. I just turned 60, just joined this forum and I honestly don't know where to even begin... I've suffered so many losses starting with my mom, I was 14 and my dad when I was 16...But then I had my older siblings and extended family support. If anything, it made me stronger and independent The last 15 yrs have been challenging beyond dealing with more health issues and trying to survive on a fixed income and 2012 was beginning of a nightmare that really changed me and after losing my oldest sister Dec 2013, the family broke. She was the link that held us together, kept my parents alive in spirit and we continued to follow the traditions we grew up with so my sons and all the new additions to our family is how they knew the grandparents they never got to meet. There's 16 years between the oldest, my brother and myself and my sisters were 10 and 13 when I was born have both passed and the only time I seen or heard from my brother was when I still had Facebook. I've basically alienated myself and honestly if I disappeared, no one would know until one of the few next of kin, sons included, would have to identify my remains. My life has been in storage since Nov 2016 due to supporting yet another slumlord that happened to be a long lost cousin I should have left long lost and invaded my privacy beyond anyone could fathom, including my online privacy and is still illegally Cyberstalking me and I can't stop the wicked cycle of every step ahead I can get, I get knocked back a few more and all the hurt, grief and anger of 45 yrs comes back and I have no support whatsoever. But no man could break my heart worse than the ones I gave birth to. Instead of including me with their "other"  family on holidays and being a part of my granddaughters lives, they have not tried to help me, they turned their backs and state quit blaming my emotional outbursts on someone else like I asked for it. Some things you don't impose on your grown children busy raising their own families. They should have recognized. Becoming a grandma after all of that gave me a whole new outlook on life! My branches were sprouting! It was bittersweet for all of us after losing my sister and her husband and the home where we all gathered on holidays within 6 months. But since I had lost my home due to my slumlord cousin to renting rooms in someone else's home, I couldn't host holidays and I'm still homeless basically, with my most loyal companion that has loved me unconditionally for 9 yrs, my cat,  waiting on 2 lists for housing, but still can't find any light in this tunnel. Paying for storage in one County I've lived all my life, trying to get my things moved to the storage 55 miles away I rented in the County I moved to but the vehicle I bought almost 2 yrs ago now needs suspension work so I can't tow with it and at 13 mpg surely can't go back and forth loading what I physically can handle isn't an option... I look for solutions, not excuses because I'm the only one I can depend on... I've always managed, even as a self supporting single working mom. I hate asking for help and have learned that people do take advantage of others in vulnerable situations and learned offers of " help" weren't for my benefit and come with a price out of my budget... 

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