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my husband passed almost 3 weeks ago and I haven't had a visitation dream from him yet. I read that if you sleep with the deceased picture under your pillow you may get one so I tied that but it didn't work. I ask every night before I go to bed to have him come visit me but it hasn't worked. I also read that if you are in a lot of grief that the love one may show up to someone else to give you a message. I know he hasn't to his parents because they wouldn't believe it was real and the only one that I could think he would show up is his friend and he hasn't yet. could it be because he isn't able to yet because he was too sick when he died?


If anyone has had signs or visitation dreams how long after your loved one passed did you receive any signs or visitation dreams.

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First, just know that he's there, even if you aren't seeing signs and you don't feel his presence. I think the time aspect can vary a lot.  Also, do you think it's possible you could be having visitations and not remembering them? There's so much that happens when we're sleeping. You could always keep the photo under your pillow for awhile and see what might happen.  

I have had visitation dreams and am a developing medium.  

My dad and I had a turbulent relationship, I guess is a good way to put it. Right now I don't want him around (He passed in 2011). I'm upset about a lifetime of emotional abuse, basically, even though I love / loved my dad. But, I've had visitation dreams. In one, where I was very anxious about something, Dad popped his head through the ceiling, to check on me. There's definitely a humor aspect (My aunt describes him as a "jokester"). There have been others, as well. 

Again, even though I know the physical loss is HUGE, know he's nearby, and he's probably pretty connected to the physical plane. There are a number of people who have passed that I communicate with. My confidence can fluctuate, and I still have some heavy grief about some of these losses over the years. But I have to always remind myself that we're always working with spirit, even when our loved ones have passed from the physical plane.

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Jeff In Denver

From what I understand, night visits seem very vivid and real.  Not at all like dreams.  I do the same - I ask my girlfriend every night to visit me.






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