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Gone too early

Dave T

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Lost my beloved "Tizzy" last week (12 y/o) She suddenly went downhill in late November last year 2019. Despite 3 separate scans/blood and Urine tests, and other visits she wasn't getting any better. Christmas was a numb time, as in the past, she would be sniffing round the Tree at her wrapped presents, but not this last Christmas.....but never touching them until Xmas morning. Christmas passed us like a normal weekend.

Tuesday 28th January we collected more medication for her, but later that afternoon, she was just lying there mostly staring into space. To add to all this during this time various other afflictions arose, notably a mild case of hip dysplasia she has had, but it hadn't worried her. All of a sudden her joint swelled right up, and it was difficult for her to walk and squat to do her business.

We were going to make "THE" decision to do it last Saturday 1st Feb', but because of her deterioration, we rang the Vet and arranged for it to be done that same evening.

Counting down the last 3 hours was heartbreaking, as she was lying on the floor looking up at me, and I was thinking that she would be dead in just over 3 hours.

Finally the time came, and I helped her into the car for that dreaded journey to the Vet. After entering the surgery, and a short talk with the Vet. he took her out the back to have the stent\/ put into her leg for the injection. When she came back in, there was a small spring in her step, as she obviously thought she was going home. 

She settled on the floor, and I cradled her beautiful head in my arms as he administered the injection, and then I was a blubbering wreck, lying on the floor holding her close to me, and asking her forgiveness for ending her life.....sorry, can't go on, as I'm welling up even now!

Pic taken just after we acquired  her at one year old, because her previous two owners didn't want her. She was "never" any problem whatever.

tizzy 004.jpg

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She is incredibly beautiful.  I am so sorry for your loss.  I lost my beautiful Husky/Golden Retriever, Arlie, 5 1/2 months ago and my 25 year old Kitty a month ago.  I can relate to your countdown as I've talked about in my Living with Loss and Memories of Arlie.  So hard.  So very hard to let go.  But a good parent wants the ultimate best for their child and these sweet animals were our family.  I know you will always miss her.  

My neighbor has a beautiful sweet dog that was rehomed to them...she's in her sixth home, I can't imagine rehoming such a wonderful dog!  They deserve better and I'm glad they finally got the homes they deserved all along.  Everything you feel for her...she feels for you, except I don't think they feel the pain and sorrow in heaven as they await us...time is no more so waiting isn't a problem for them, they're in the here and now happily playing with other animals.  Perhaps your loved ones gone on before you are playing fetch with her and giving her treats.


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