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Message From My Husband In My Dream

Rhonda R

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When Randy was dying of cancer, I asked him to come to me in my dreams because I was going to need him.  He responded that he would try as hard as he could.  Since his passing, I have had several dreams with him in them, many times when I have needed them most.   The most recent was this past weekend.  I am going on a trip with a bunch of high school girlfriends in February that will be over Valentine's Day.  I dreamt we were on this trip but I was alone somewhere having coffee.  In this shop was a shelf with slips of paper folded in half, messages left for people.  I went to the shelf just to peek and there was a slip of paper in my husband's writing with my name on it.  Inside it read: "Happy Valentines Day.  I will always love you.  Please keep your heart open.  Randy"  That was it, I woke up after that. It was a beautiful gift.   

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