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Grief of the unknown

Hope b

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It's a tough one.  I have two small children both just 2 years of age. I am not their natural father. They were born via embryo donation.  One day in the near future i will have to explain i am not their biological father.  But i am their 'dad'.  They call me daddy and i call them son and daughter. The love i feel for them can't be measured. It is not something tangible. It just feels so right and so perfect.

I obviously do not know your personal curcumstances.  What i do think is that it may not be so important to know who a biological parent is if you can accept that. Having a mum and dad even if they are not biological is far more important (to my thinking). Having somebody love you and somebody to love back is the truly important thing.


It is easy to be a biological parent, sperm +egg equals child.     Being a dad/mother is so much more than that.

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