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Newbie here.

Please allow me to explain my post.

My name is John Deahl, I am 62 years old and a service connected disabled veteran. My wife and I were married for almost 24 years before she passed from cancer in 2004.

The last thing she said to me has made me want to write a book about those experiences. A book about what people say before they pass. More specifically, what they say about the future.

In my case, my wife had lung cancer. At the end she was coughing so bad we took her to the hospital. They put her on a morphine drip. She was no longer talking and all but unconscious.

The kids and I were going to leave for the night so she could rest. I had just said my goodbye to her and kissed her on the check for the night when she, out of nowhere, said “there is a ferret loose in the house”. It seemed so strange I asked her to repeat it. She did. She passed the next morning without saying another word.

To my surprise and without asking before hand; about two weeks later our youngest son had a girlfriend move into the house with him. She had a ferret and they were playing with it in the basement. In other words, there was a ferret loose inthe house two weeks after she had made the statement.

Upon writing another book which brought up that old memory, I thought about the real implications of my wife making a statement about the future.

When my wife was on Hospice care, the nurse had told us stories about people talking with long passed relatives before they too passed. But this was different. I am interested in talking with people that have had relatives say things about the future before they passed.

Any names and contact information would be strictly confidential and not published or shared in any way. Not even the people’s names. I am only interested in the facts of the story.

If you would like to share a story about what a loved one said about the future before they passed, my contact information is:

John Deahl


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