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One month after a loss


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I lost my mother to cancer a month ago and it still seems so hard to live life after this loss. Any tips?

Hi Callsm7,

I am very sorry to hear about the loss of your mother. One month is not very long, so I am sure you are absolutely anguished. Try to just get by a little at a time and cry and grieve all you want. It will get easier in time to move forward.

I am going to move your post into the Loss of a Parent thread so that others will see your post and be able to respond. Feel free to come tell us the story of your wonderful mother. We will be here for you.


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Hello callasm7. It is ok to cry anytime, anywhere. Take time to be alone and talk with your mother. Even if it's just being silent and crying, that's o.k. The angels are with you as God is. He never leaves us.

Know that there are a lot of us who have lost a mother or a father in recent days and we hurt with you. The first 6 months seem really unreal, at least to me. I was kept busy but I cried alot. It was good

to go alone for a drive, even if the time was less than an hour. This time alone gave me a sense of getting myself together. Time was what kept me 'intact'.

Yes, there are times when I worry about my mother, that she's ok. I am working on my faith/belief that I will see her again someday. I truly believe that she is still with me even after 16 months. Her

presence is a lot more 'quieter' than it was in the first six months. I know she 'stuck' around by me as I grieved for her until probably she felt it was time for her to move on. Move on to where, I ask?

Probably to where it's not so 'crowded'? I think that as I see around me people dying, in my hometown, state, nation, the world. God has a way to help heal us. He even calms us down in dreams, to

let us know that they're o.k. So take care of yourself. God be with you (and yours).

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