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8 Months


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Roger died from cardic arrest 8 months ago. I have posted here at times. I have to go up to a house he shared with his brother to get our stuff out on Sunday. 3 hour drive from Fremont, Ca.


Hired a moving company to come by on Monday to help my sister and I move our stuff.


Of course, I am sick but no matter what we will do this. Not my final goodbye to Roger but our final goodbye to this country home we loved, but shared with people we did not like.


I am lost and lonely with out the love of my life.


I hope for everyone who finds themselves in this nightmare some form of peace.





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I pray for strength for you to get through this week, you may be dreading it but it will soon be behind you...nothing can destroy your memories with him.  (((hugs)))

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Billie Rae

Hugs and prayers for you Linda.
It will be hard I know.
Leaving a home you Love is like saying another goodbye,it seems like in this first year we have to say goodbye over and over and not one of them is easy.
I hated our old house but it was also where we lived our whole time together and leaving what was forced me to have to accept he was gone way sooner than my heart wanted to.
Even yesterday I couldn't grill because it was our fourth of July tradition to grill steak and corn,another goodbye.
Find some peace this week

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