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Hello. I hope I am allowed to post this here. I am doing research for a book I am writing on ADC's and am interested in real stories for my book. All names will be changed so noone is recongizable. What I am looking for is first hand accounts and stories from individuals who have been contacted by deceased loved ones or friends. Communications include seeing them, hearing their voice, feeling them touch you, smelling their cologne, perfume or a favorite flower, sensing their presence or experiencing signs such as electronics turning off and on spontaneously, finding coins in unexpected places with the year of their birth or death, and seeing the deceased in vivid dreams. These after death contacts must have occurred unexpectedly with no third parties involved including mediums, psychics, ouija boards and other intermediaries and a person should not have been under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The contact must have come from the deceased person contacting the living person directly and spontaneously. Please give us:

Your name, address, city, state and zip code

Your phone number

Your email address

Your religion affiliation

Your occupation

Your age

Your story must include: The deceased person who contacted you - was it your spouse, child, parents, aunt, uncle, cousin, friend? Age when the deceased passed. Where did the experience occur? When did it occur? What type of experience was it? (you saw them, sensed their presence, smelled a fragrance, etc.)

Give us all the details you can remember about the experience. When it was over, how did it make you feel? Did it help your grief? Has it transformed your life in any way? If so, how? We will review every submission for possible inclusion and will contact you if we desire more information.

Please submit to greetingsfromabove@yahoo.com

Thank you.

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