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How I'm coping with my loss


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Hello everyone. I made my first post on the forums a few minutes ago describing what brought me here, but I wanted to make a separate post talking about how I'm coping with my grief thus far.

I'm arranging to start seeing a therapist about this next week, but in the meantime, I've had to do a few things to cope. I thought I might share my coping techniques with you guys so that I can revisit what tools I've been using, plus maybe it could help others. Feel free to post about any coping techniques you use as well.

What I've done to try and cope with my loss is:

  • Write journal entries dedicated to him
  • Make collages dedicated to him in my journal
  • Draw pictures expressing my grief in my journal
  • Singing songs that I would have sung to him (and doing so in his memory)
  • Praying to God to bless him and re-unite us one day
  • Praying to God to bless all of the other people going through losses right now
  • Trying to take things easy on myself by taking naps when necessary
  • Watching lighthearted videos online to try and take my mind off things
  • Making a personal blog dedicated to my grief and the person I lost
  • Making a playlist in his memory
  • Sharing my story with others so I don't have to suffer alone anymore
  • Buying a teddy bear to hug and hold when I'm missing him and need to feel his presence
  • Resolving to use the resources available to me so that I can heal. He'd want me to do that.

I'm glad that I wrote out this list. I'm doing a lot more than I previously thought, and I'm glad about that.

Once again, if anyone would like, you can share what coping skills you use as well.

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Dear StellaLuna,

Thank you for sharing your coping list with us. It is very kind of you. I know its so hard.

For me, just being able to come here and talk to dear friends has also helped me a lot. Knowing people who understand my grief and that can relate has meant so much. Its still very hard but I know we are all just trying to get through each day.


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