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So my friend Elijah committed suicide 2 days after we spoke.. This happen Jan 28,2019 and a part of me feels to be blamed.. I checked myself in VA facility because I could not understand what was happening.. I still can't 

I cannot seem to forgive myself for not knowing or maybe I just assumed he was fine cuz this same person has talked me from the edge multiple time and always had his way to make anybody see the good in living and sharing our life with the ones that matter and appreciate us.

He is the best battle buddy n NCO i could ever had but now hes no longer here and I can't seem to shake the question did i not love him enough or did he not feel comfortable opening up to us?

Am I a horrible person that my friend could not reach out to me or any of us in his greatest need? I feel so many emotions and its its overwhelming.

All i can think of is what's the point of living?

I am loosing my mind..

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Dear Imma,

I am sorry for your loss. It is devastating to lose a beloved and trusted friend.

None of us can know what is going through someone's mind. We want to but we just can't. I know you would have done everything in your power to help your friend. But sometimes things are not in our control

Please know you are not alone and there are many supports in the community and church to offer support during this sad  and difficult time.

I don't know where you live but I found this link for additional resources.


Sending my thoughts and prayers.



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