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What signs have you received from your loved ones?


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My beautiful son Alexander passed away in 2003 from a congenital heart defect. It was the hardest time of my life and I still have my moments where it can be unbearable.

One thing that has helped me through the loss of my son is receiving the many signs that he has given me thougout the years. Up until now, I think the grief and pain was too fresh to write this book, but now it has been over eight years and I feel that this book will be extremely cathartic for myself and for others in a state of sadness and grief.

After my son died, I read a lot of books on the "afterlife" and experiences that people had with their loved ones after they passed away. These books made me feel like my son was closer than I realized and that all of the "signs" I had been given were not mere coincidence, but pure love from the other side.

In this book I will reveal many of the signs that my son has given me and explain his entire story. Alex's life was only 22 days long, but his memory will live on forever and hopefully through this book, he will touch even more lives.

I appreciate and cherish each and every story that is given to me and will hold it in the highest regard.

If you have a story about signs from loved ones after they have passed away, I would love to hear from you.

Please email me your stories to be considered for publication in my book.

What a wonderful way to pay tribute to the ones we miss so dearly.

Stories will be kept anonymous, unless otherwise requested.

Thank You!

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