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Election Day


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I'm NOT going to enter into ANY political discussions - that's not what this forum is all about, it's not what we're here for and in 99% of cases, it doesn't solve anything, it just makes things worse.

What I DO want to say today, on MidTerm Election Day in the US - is to BE KIND to yourself. No matter what your affiliation, views, etc. there is going to be something on the news that is going to upset you or that you aren't going to agree with. 

DO NOT LET IT GET TO YOU! Yes, this is all important. Yes, it ALL matters. Yes, we have a lot of differences and opinions and approaches in the US. Turn off the TV. Play a favorite song. Look at a favorite photo. Watch a favorite movie or TV show. Divert your attention. Meditate or pray. Bring peace and comfort to yourself. Call a friend and cry, scream, yell, vent. But - take care of yourself today, especially if you (as I do) tend to get emotionally invested in elections and candidates.

BUT - we have ALL learned what is really important in life. And nothing compares to the hurt and the pain and the loss and the uncertainty that we all experience after a loved one passes. That puts everything into perspective.

Stay strong. Keep calm and carry on. Let your faith or whatever you believe in carry you. 

And remember that there are more GOOD people in the world than not - it's the bad ones that get more attention. Find the helpers. There will always be helpers. There are a lot of them right here.

Peace and love and comfort to you today and always.

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