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My daughter's wedding


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this summer has been the warmest and driest in years. My daughter got married on june 21st in a beautiful botanic garden. And it was the only day between may and august where it was cold and rainy. It rained the entire day. I drove her to the garden and as her hubby to be wasn't allowed to see her before the ceremony we waited in the car when she got a call from the priestess who was stuck in a traffic jam. We waited while another cloud brought more rain. Then she got a call that the priestess was setting up while the next rain came down. When she got a call that everything was ready the rain had just stopped. We got out of the car and right above the entrance to the garden was the most perfect rainbow you can imagine.
There was no rain at all during the ceremony and after they did some extensive photo shootings it slowly started to rain again, while they were on their way back to the tent where the wedding party took place. It didn't stop raining the rest of the evening.
It was hard watching this marriage with an empty chair at my side. Empty except for a picture of her mum. You can call me silly, but to me all that rain during the most extreme dry period in years was her mother crying that she couldn't be there in person, but with that perfect rainbow and dry ceremony giving her blessings to this union.
I know she would have liked her son in law.

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It's good to hear from you and get an update...I'm glad your daughter's wedding went well, but I know all too well what you mean about the empty chair...my husband wasn't present for the kids' weddings either, or the birth of grandbabies.  :(  There's certain times we miss them even more if possible and this is one of those times.  But I think they are there in spirit, just how wonderful it'd be if they could be there physically too!

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