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Losing my husband after two months of marriage


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I lost my husband two months after we got married, after four years of us waiting to do so. He died of an accidental overdose-because he was feeling pain from a previous accident and after taking some pain tablet and finding them not working, he tried something else and the different pills were what killed him. He went to bed and never woke up. He was only 36. Imagine that trauma and on top of that, he died when he was back to the states visiting his mother and me not getting to go to his funeral, because I didn't get a visa them. 

It all felt like a dream, he was my best friend- we shared everything together and never lied to each other. That was in 2009 and today I still miss him although the Lord told me it was a test and has helped me to move on. His presence surrounded me so much almost like someone hugging you. Now he has given me a platform to share my stories with readers. I have so far two published books and my third book that I will be releasing next month will be dedicated to losing loved ones, especially spouses like you and I did. 

It's called A SHATTERED LIFE RESTORED and like the main character, I thought I was cursed, afraid to let others in. I would love to share this book with anyone who has lost a spouse like I did. I mean to give you a free copy when it's release to lift you through this and encourage your heart as it helps me too. God has been so amazing with speaking back to me through the very words he uses me to write.

I uploaded the first chapter of the book here on my website and hope you will read it. If you will accept my gift, subscribe so you will get a copy when the book is launch. I look forward to hearing from you and hope the first chapter will bless you some as I am sharing myself through those pages as well.


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You are very kind to think of others in your own loss.  I will look at your site...

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