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Losing my furry best friend


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I first met Whiskie when he was just a couple months old. He was this tiny hyper little kitten that was full of energy. Then when he got older my parents had him turned into an outdoor cat when I really wanted to have him with me at home so I can be with him all the time. But like my previous cat who was also an outdoor cat he had to stay outside, which he eventually loved. He had all the freedom to explore, he would even climb telephone poles and jump onto our front balcony from the top of a fence. He was full of life and brought me so much joy in the 8 years of his life. He was my furry best friend and I really thought he was going to grow old and live a long and happy life.  
Just 5 days before he passed away he was out happily in our backyard while my fiancé and my dad and I changed our car tires. Whiskie was so carefree and was just lying there on the ground watching us. I will have that moment in my heart forever.
The night before he passed he bounced out of the garage door as soon as I opened it like he does every night when I come home from work. He went to his usually ‘bus stop’ which is just at the edge of our fence. My fiancé and I comment that it looks like he’s waiting for the night bus the way he sits there and looks up and down the street. Sometimes he would be so captivated by something he would just sit there even when I call him. But that night he came right over to me and as he loves to do, he would escort me to my front door where I’d give him some chin scratches and rub his back and head and then I’d go inside the house. That night I remember walking and looking down at him and asking why he is so cute and just had this overwhelming sense of love for him. I gave him an extra long pet and scratch and then he got up to leave and I said to him ‘go on now, have a great time’.
That was the last I saw of him.
The next morning he was missing, and remained missing for 8 days until I received devastating news from my neighbour.
My neighbour that lived one block away called me after seeing my flyers and told me that the morning of the day he went missing, they had found Whiskie’s remains in front of their house and that he must have been attacked by a wild animal - most likely a coyote. He said that a lot of Whiskie was missing. My stomach just dropped and I couldn’t even properly process his information, I just wanted to get off the phone but I thanked him for calling me so that I can finally have peace in knowing what had happened because the search was starting to consume me.
I’m glad I was not the one to have found Whiskie in that condition so that in my mind Whiskie will still always be the lively and lovable cat I always remember him as.
It is still shocking to me and just when I think I am healing the wave of grief will wash over me and I am left a crying mess.
My parents, who have also raised Whiskie, do not seem to have any sense of grief. They are also not the type to comfort or understand my feelings. My fiancé has been a great support but there’s only so much he can do.
I keep asking myself all these what if’s but I know doing so is unhealthy. I also find myself getting angry and asking why Whiskie? He was so healthy and strong and still had so much to live for. I wanted him in my engagement photos and was wondering how I’d get him to stay still but now I’ll never get that chance. I know that we will always outlive our pets and that one day they will have to go but this just all came so soon and so tragically.

I just want to make sure Whiskie is never forgotten and that he knows he was loved greatly and I feel so blessed to have had him in my life. I know one day I will see him again and that right now he’s with my other cat Coco, who is probably showing him around his place in Heaven.

I just need time to heal.

I miss you Whiskie 



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I am so sorry!  He is a beautiful cat, I love his little beard, his bright eyes, his brilliant fur, you can see his spirit.  It must have been hard for you to have to keep him outside when you wanted him with you, and ultimately it's the outdoors that got him.  My cats have always liked being in and out, I keep them inside at night, yet I have lost two cats over the years to predators, in spite of keeping them in at night.  It's hard to keep a cat inside 24/7, they're masters at sneaking out the door if that is what they want.

I hope you realize that in spite of his end, he had a good loving life with you.  I am just so sorry for your loss, and that you won't be able to have him in your pictures now and bring him with you into your marriage.  My heart goes out to you in your loss.

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