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Loss my brothet


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Nicole-my grief journey

Shonda, that is so schocking and painful. Unexpected loss hits like a truck. Confusion, pain, how?, why? what are we going to do? It’s hard to know what to think and feel and that’s ok. Your adrenaline is probably still pumping and your cortisol levels through the roof. I’m so sad for your loss. My brother and I were very close in age. Finding him passed away was more than I can bear some days. And no one understands...we were 2yrs apart and my whole life was wrapped into his. I want to call him all the time. but he’s gone and nothing will change that. So, i wake up every day to try to find purpose. Right now, my purpose to life is taking care of my mom with terminall illness. That’s excruciating to see all day . And then I drive past his apartment that I found him dead in, every day to and from hospital. It might not make sense to others, but I want to sit on his porcb. Go back inside. Even though I know he’s not there and it really happened. I wake up each day. Dont want to get out if bed. But I do and I resart my day with 5 minute videos on grief and healing from youtube. Then I press play and get ready while listening to it. That stuff can change you, if you want to and you let it. Lastly, please try and go easier on yourself. Start with your basic needs and some writing and see a CBT Therapist if you can to navigate this new journey. 



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