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My Son went to Heaven yesterday


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Yesterday my son Victor passed away at the age of 35 my heart is so broken i dont know how to cope i

got very him so much i was his care giver we spent all our time together he was unable to walk after a stroke he was a diabetic had gastrolparesis was on dialysis he 

got very sick and went in the hospital they found out he had vegetation of a heart valve they did what they called an angio vac this went well they had a breathing tube in

his mouth on saturday they took it out he felt fine he ate some sherbert jello drank some water and juice we watched tv together read our bible i kissed him goodnight

told him i loved him and went to sleep in the hospital break room only to be a woken sunday morning telling me they lost my sons heart they did all they can but my baby as gone 

my heart is broken i dont understand what happened he was fine the night before and the next morning hes gone 

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My girl is in heaven

Donna Marie.  So sorry to hear about your dear Victor.  My 17 year old daughter died of a sudden heart problem almost 7 years ago and the one crumb I took away from that was that with sudden heart they do not suffer, no pain, . Doctor told me one minute my daughter was in the shower the next she would be saying hey here I am in heaven.  I have held those words close to me and I want to walk away with that thought that your dear boy did not suffer.  That was the only 100% guarantee that I got.  This site is full of kind compassionate grieving parents and we all walk in your shoes.  Go into loss of an adult child and then page to the end number and that will bring you to the site where we all are.  Nothing but hands and hearts for you to reach out to.  It is a long rough journey but there is hope, you need to believe that.  And you absolutely do not need to ever walk it alone.  My email is ltaylor50@rogers.com.  Please join us on loss of an adult child .  Hugs.

Luanne....Kira’s mama

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