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One last communication


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I am so sorry for all of you whom has lost your loved one. Death is part of the circle of life but I know it hurts so much.

I come here from time to time to see if I can help prepare myself for the inevitable death of my mother. I think I will become a basket case. I think that I will no longer be able to function or even breath once that day comes. So I try to prepare. I am not a stranger to death. Grew up in a family of six and now my mother and I is all that is left. We are connected at the hip. My mother’s age and bad health tell me to be prepared. Do not think I will ever be able to do so. But with this qwest I have become just as concerned for my two children and their ability to cope should I or their father pass away.

With my experience through life with death the mourner seeks to be be with the loved one, one last time. So I have decide to write both of my children and my husband a letter. Seal them in an envelope with each of their names on it for the day I pass away. A letter recognizing their pain and agony. One last communication from me.

I will tell them how much I love them,

A fond memory I have with them

Hopes and dreams I have for them (their happiness)

We will see each other again someday

Life as we know it is really a very short time …so get living.

Some humor

Acknowledge I know their heart is breaking if not broken.

Hmmmm anymore Idea’s ?

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