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Loss of 44 yr old son


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Dear Tommy's MOM:   I hope this is the right forum.  Again , thank you for responding to me.  Yesterday, Jason's twin was able to contact one of Jason's friends and she sent us a bunch of pictures.  WOW .  These pictures are most current of him, and though my heart is broken, I keep going back and looking at these.  And what you mentioned about Jason having the God given wherewithal to get off to the side of road prevented any type is accident that would have hurt others is something that does help my heart.   I haven't worked in hospice for the past 9 years and retired about 1 and 1/2 years ago.   I have fairly severe A-FIB and of course my EKG's have been wild today. I have a digital system set up with my doctor and he just calls and tells me.....". Ok, if your heart rate does not come down from 150, call 911 and go to ER." I just feel dizzy, shakes, and weird.  

Is it permissible to post a photo here?  Just wondering.   Still no tears.  At all.  Why?

again.   Thank you....    margeetx

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