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A letter from a dying soulmate

Sadaf Nazim

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Hi everyone. 

I was thinking from past few days that if my luv had the last chance to write me a letter, a last wish, then what would it be. It may not be like this for everyone, but as much as I know my switu, I think these would be his last words. And what I came across in my view is beautiful and it gives me strength to cope up. So I decided to share it with you all so that may be it could benefit someone going through a similar situation like mine.

So here it goes. 

Dear luv,

My journey in this world is going to end now. This was going to happen some day. One of us was going to see the other one depart in front of his eyes. Either you or me. God chose you because he knew you were strong enough for this day.

Don't cry over my death luv. Because I'm not dead as long as you remember me, as long as I am there in your mind and heart, as long as you are breathing. You know how much I couldn't bear to watch tears roll out of your beautiful eyes. You remember it luv, don't you? 

When you miss me.. Remember about all the beautiful moments we had spent together, remember that I chose you for me, from all the six billion people of the world.. yet you still feel unlucky? 

Know that this is only a temporary separation and that we will be united in paradise. And there we will live the life together that we always planned.  If at any moment you start to fall apart, remember that I never taught you to be weak. You are my choice, my love. You have to be an inspiration to all. Doing good to others, helping the needy will help you attain peace.People should know that I was right to choose you. Fulfill all your duties on earth well. No one should blame me for your failure. Instead I would love to be credited for your successes. 

You should be happy for me that I'm in a better place now. That God can love me and take care of me more than anyone else. 

Honey.. I know it's not going to be easy for you. But trust me, it's going to be worth it. I will be there with you every second of your life. Just close your eyes, inhale, and feel me. 

Be good, be happy and be mine... Forever. 



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That is very sweet, and it's also good grief work.  It's good to do these kinds of exercises, to think what they would say to us, and to know that their love and yours does not end with mere physical death/form.  Thank you for sharing that, I hope it'll give others the idea to try writing a letter to themselves from their Love.

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