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Loss of my cat


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I need to come tell me story of my cat Brady who I lost a few days ago. My dad adopted Brady as a kitten from a friend almost 2 years ago. He came in a litter of stray kittens found on the street. I just had moved back with my dad when he brought Brady home and for the first month he hid under the bed in the spare bedroom. I honestly was kind of annoyed with my dad as I had experience with feral cats and it haven't been the best. He was little scared white ball of fluff that hid under the bed all day and cried at night.  We put his food and liter box in there and would go and talk to him everyday. One night I was eating chicken and he was  starting to get braver and explore the house more and I managed to pet him as I started bribbing him with chicken. That night while my father was sleeping he went into his room and bit his finger.  From then on he allowed us to pet him and be near him but no one else beside my father and I. I watched him as he grew and learn. As spring approached I asked my dad to please not let him outside-once an indoor cat gets a taste of the outside they don't want to stay in. There are also a lot of risks for outdoor cats. 'My dad didn't listen and let him out and he did throughly enjoy it. He was hunter and super fast runner or he would sun himself in the bushes. He loved jumping trying to get the bugs. He would come in super dirty bringing hunted mice but so happy. He loved going outside and would cry all the time to go. 

He had his own unique personality and that made me love him so much more and he was beautiful longed hair all white cat with green eyes. He was also so smart and sweet I looked forward to seeing him every single day and talking to him. We had our own nightly routines when my father was sleeping where we would hang out. This past Friday I went out with friends. When I got home I found I'm sound asleep on the chair in the living room like always and hung out with him for a bit. I woke up at 8 am Saturday out of a sound sleep to my dad crying and yelling. When I went out into the hall my dad was cradling Brady yelling he's dead he dead he got hit by a car and was crying hysterically. I started crying as well and he looked alive to me I thought my dad was kidding. Brady went outside for only an hour before he hit and killed by a car and when my dad was driving to work he found him and brought home. He later buried him in our yard.

i am truly devastated. I do not understand why this happened. It was not fair to him to die that why and he did not deserve it. It still feels like a complete nightmare I haven't woke up from yet. I wish I could of protected him more... I just feel this is so unfair for an innocent animal to lose his life so soon. I am heartbroken and I want to do something about it 

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I'm so sorry.  There are so many hazards for cats outdoors.  My cats have always been in and out, but it's a quiet dead end street and they're street savvy.  I don't let them out at night because of wild animals.  It's very hard to lose them when we love them so much.

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