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My son is dead to me.....................yet still alive

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I'm not coping very well at all.

I lost him emotionally when he was aged ten.

I went though a long emotional grief process.

He returned at 15 and I never felt happier. It only lasted a few months, then he was off again. I recognised the same, intense feeling of that loss all over again. The pain became too much, and to make it easier, I let him go, much to the dismay of my family. They didn't understand. Only *I* had lost him once before, not them. How do you explain that you are grieving for a child that is not even dead?

It is now 8 years on, he's 24. At 15, I shut him out of my life, avoided him, acted at though he was no longer here, to stop the pain. Regardless of that, people speak about him, what he's been doing, how he is, or more to the point, how he isn't. He's a drug addict. THat's the first time I've put him in the present tense. I've usually said 'he was', 'he did' etc. What confusion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NEVER ENDING CONFUSION IN MY HEAD.

H'es alive ...................but dead. And dead............but alive.

Every time he is mentioned, I'm hit with that almighty shock of it all.

Why can't I accept he is one or the other?

Dead or alive?

THe one way relationship with my son is intolerable, but so it is if I were to avoid him.

Writing all this may relieve some of my pain. That's my hope anyway.

No one should suffer like this, but I guess that's life, eh

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I have lost all the members of my family, some through death, some don't even want to talk to me anymore.  I have no friends or family.  If anything ever happened to my husband or me there would be nobody who would even care.  I just lost a dear pet and not one person even cared. It seems so sad to have nobody to talk to about this.

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For veryverysad~ My advice for you would be that you get some intense therapy. There are so many people there to help you. For example, Nar-Anon helps the loved ones  of suffering addicts. You will find that you are among people that know EXACTLY how you feel at any given moment.

Also, continue to come here and get support. The death of a child is NOT a place that you want to find yourself drowning in.

God Bless you~



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Veryverysad, I'm a kid who grew up in just that situation, and I know firsthand what it's like. I don't discuss the details in public much, but I was a teenage mess. I also became a dad very young - too young. My daughter Jenni was abducted and killed in '96. I'm still trying to sort out that trauma. I guess what I want to say is that there is always hope, and that losing a child, whether by death or heroin's deception, is about as painful as life can be. But, I always keep in mind that Jenni can't ring my phone just to say hi. My prayers and hope rest with you that all turns out best - and to close this positively, I've been clean for nearly thirty years.

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VeryVerySad, I second what Mark has said... there is always hope, even if it seems the longest shot ever.  There obviously has to be a time of letting go, and hopefully in time, there will be a miracle, like what happened for Mark.  He is not the only person who has come through a terrible time of addiction.  You have to do what you have to do in the meantime.  But I pray you don't thoroughly give up on this side of life.  Miracles do still happen.  I'm so sorry for your pain...  -Claudia

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this is so hard, I usually post on the "loss of a parent" but I read what you wrote and I can relate. I lost my mom 6 months ago and ever since then my family and I have almost no contact. I have a brother who has always had issues and I know in the past he did cocaine (not sure if he does anymore) but he's always looking for a fight. He ounce tried to attack my husband because he asked him to turn the light back on in the kitchen, he has stolen alcohol from my home, he never notices my 2 yr old son.  I took care of my mom for almost a yr in my home and never ounce said your doing a good job or what can I do to help. he's so selfish. Its strange becuase at the same time I miss him. I remember when we were young he would always make me laugh. I feel like until he fixes himself theres no way I can let him be a part of my life.  I also feel the same as you...... kitylady, if something ever happend to my husband I would be very alone, I think about that all the time. Its frightning. I had a miscarriage about a month ago and my brother and sister never reached out to me and my other brother just put a card in the mail. It makes me so upset, I'm not only missing my mom but missing the family unit I used to be a part of. I miss feeling safe a secure. my heart goes out to all you (((( HUGS)))))

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m very sorry what you are going through and I know if your mother was a live none of these things would be happening.You need to do what is best for yourself you only have one life so you need to live it the best you can. Best of luck,

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