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Baby's Heart

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About this blog

A Journal of Life and Life after Grief.

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Mayday Anniversary: Year Three

Today is the day; the third anniversary of my Father's death. It was about this time in the morning on that terrible day that his heart gave way to death. What do I find myself doing on this sleepless morning in May? Just thinking. About Father. About God. About family. Just thinking with a bit of restored hope that, though it has seemed to me these last three years that God, Himself, was dead; I have restored hope this anniversary that indeed He is alive. Maybe I am conquering those demons of d


TLN in God

Haunting Silence, A

Since my Father died, I cannot stand the quiet. It sounds too much like Death. Today is no different. I have not a thought in my mind; yet, my spirit within me is screaming for rest. I do not know how to describe this profound quiet I hear; 'tis the sound of God vanishing. To be perfectly honest; 'tis the sound of no God at all. This was not always so with me; I used to have Joy in God, as though He were right beside me walking through life. Now? Nothing. Gone. Dead. Where has He gone? Is the gr


TLN in God

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