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I get my COVID-19 vaccine tomorrow @ 1:00PM

I've been having an excellent day, today. I'm writing the character outline for my second series books, and because I have ADHD, I am capable of writing and working on other issues at the same time. I have been doing this a lot lately because I needed to analyze everything between Steve and I, and what we do or don't have as far as a relationship is concerned. 

This is what I have come to understand about Steve, he's a 57 year old man who's coming up on the 2 year mark of his wife, and he shows no emotions about her because he has gotten over her death, but he really just wants someone who is loyal, faithful and smarts ain't ever hurt not one person, so it's a major plus if she's smart and pretty.

Steven was in prison for 10 years for theft, but that was so long ago...it almost doesn't count because he was not the kind of thing who spent the majority of his life behind bars. He got his parole taken care of years and years ago, and he doesn't do anything to get himself in trouble after the first time. He was marked to Brenda Bass for 18 years, and he says he won't do it again; one marriage is good enough for him. 

Yes, his tongue is sharp, but only when he's pushed into being that way. I'm the world's worst about shoving ya off the deep end with no lifeguard on duty. He encourages me to not talk about Jeremy because moving on from losing my husband requires that I talk about him less and less. Never forgetting Jeremy, how could I?, but kinda putting him on the back burner due to our souls being wildly separated. No, Steve didn't come out and say these things, but I'm no dummy. I have an I. Q. 113-155, just above average, and I know that is part of moving on and letting go.

So, it wasn't brought to my attention in a way that I particularly care for, but the fact is it has been brought to my attention. I've told y'all, Jeremy spoiled me rotten. However, at the time, I was not a high maintenance female, but I was spoiled by Jeremy love. We stayed in the Honeymoon stages of our relationship for 13.5 of 16 years, but if he were here today, we'd be living separate lives. As much as I miss my husband, I'd much rather live without him here physically than to have him here and not physically with me. That's only because he and I are soulmates. 

Anyway, Steve really is a good guy. I've got to be fair and give him a fair shot. He has for me over the last 5 months.

Night y'all



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