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Lost my 3 year relationship

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Guest S K

I dont know how to say this. 

My ex dumped me around 2 weeks ago. We were dating since high school ended and its been 3 years we were together. We both were very happy and had fights like in every relationship but mostly the mistake was fine. Recently her whole family got covid and her parents were badly infected. She was very tensed as our country was running out of oxygen beds at that point. Finally she did manage to get them hospitalised and their treatment began. I was there all the time texting her but at the same time not talking too much and giving her space. When her parents health began to improve she started talking to me. We talked the whole week were watching movies together. One day she got informed that her parents will be home soon. She was Happy than ever but the same day we had a STUPID ARGUMENT!! She immediately asked for a break. I got anxious and kept calling and texting her. At last I told her if she doesnt want to talk to me for 3 to 4 days that fine but break is not the solution. She agreed. Next morning at 5am she broke up with me saying your immaturity becomes a source of stress and you dont give me support, only I have to babysit you in a relationship. This was all done on text as she never picked my calls. The next day I gave her justifications and logic that how everything was fine with us and you just cant end things and lashed out at her when she didnt reply.She said she was arranging meds for my father. We had argument again. She was like atleast dont fight with me in this time and said you are always about yourself and dont think about me. I did not reply then but she came up and said once my family condition improves I ll call you and talk about it
I did no contact for 8 days and did not reply to her last text in which she asked when will I get vaccinated. She also did not texted or called me.
Yesterday I was worried thay she ll move on and was also worried about her family so I simply asked about her family to her to which she replied yes everything is fine, parents are recovering and also asked me about my life. I did not reply to it.
Please help me with this as no contact will work in this or should I keep reaching out to her as she is alone handling everything with her siblings. Also she is preparing for the 2nd most toughest exam in the world so we have had arguments when she wasnt able to talk to me for a whole week but only via text. But this was all sorted and next day was fine. I am worried she ll move on after with time. Also i need to go to study for my masters in about 2 months and i love her so much i dont know what will happen
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