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Very Alone After Loss of Father from COVID


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I am an only child, not married, my Dad was single. I was just me and him against the world. Though we didn't live in the same city, we would text all day, every day. After a year of being safe, staying in, not going to stores, everything... he caught COVID. 

He was almost OK and home 2x. Then he was gone. 

February 19 2021.

It's over 2 months and I have still packing up his house. As I am 100% alone, it's taking a long time. It's mental and physical torture. I just want it to be done and go home but then that means it's so real too. 

I am tired of being sad... I cry EVERY DAY ALL DAY. 

When does it get better? 

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Helena Louis

Hi Julie. I lost my dad to covid too. The eprfectly healthy and young person gone one dat. It has been 5 months already. I have my mom as a support system and I can only imagine how hard it is going through this alone.

Every paret-child relationship is different and from your words I see how unique is yours. I habe read somewhere that Death ends life, not the Relationship.

It seems like emotions and pain aren't going anywhere. I live in another city now but every small thing is a trigger.

The only thing that keeps me sane is thinking in my mind what would he want me to do, what he would say. I have promised him I won't break down and that's the only goal I have now, to make him proud. Hope this helps 

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 I understand. I lost my 86 year old mother in December 2020 to Covid after 9 days. She was my best friend and a huge part of my life.

I cry everyday and cant accept how she passed. It's horrific.  Im not sure how to move on. Its hard to find help.


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