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Jeff In Denver

What I Learned in Afterlife Seminar

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Jeff In Denver

I recently returned from a retreat in which the keynote speaker was Piero-Calvi Parisetti, MD.  He's a terrific guy; he's scientific and evidence-based  in his approach, a great speaker, a protege of Raymond Moody, and has studied the works of Kenneth Ring and David Fontana, among others.  He is a scholar and not a researcher.  Importantly, he has never experienced a major loss.  

Some of what I will write here is common knowledge among those of us familiar with this approach.  Even though I hear certain things about this a million times I like to hear them again.

  1. The brain is not the mind.  It's only part of the mind.  It's more like a "receiver" or "transmitter" of our thoughts.
  2. Significant aspects of the human personality survive physical death.
  3. Our loved ones don't miss us because they are with us much of the time.
  4. There is an unfortunate and cruel paradox:  The more we want contact with someone who has crossed over, the harder it is for that to happen.
  5. Our loved ones have NOT vanished.
  6. When you have a thought about someone who has crossed over, that thought might actually be coming from them to you.
  7. There is a lot of evidence to support the notion that there is no "afterlife."  It's just life, and our time here is only a short detour.  Our real life is not what we experience here.  It's much more than that.
  8. We will be reunited with those we love.
  9. Those who experience (or even read about) NDEs don't fear dying.
  10. Those who believe that their loved ones are still with us do better, in general, with grief.

The University of Virginia School of Medicine has a Division of Perceptual Studies that is dedicated to this subject.  I think that lends some air of legitimacy to this subject.  

There is so much information out there.  I would suggest looking into Swedenborg's YouTube channel, as well as Dr. Parisetti's website and his YouTube videos.  If you have any comments I would love to hear from you.

If you are in this forum it's because you're interested in this subject.  The prospect that they are NOT gone is a very reassuring one.



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Yes Jeff in Denver. I am very interested. I would like to ask you if your beliefs before and after the retreat are the same? How did it change you and your beliefs?

Since my husband died, I have researched, read, investigated the afterlife/NDEs etc for almost two years. It is essential to me to not just hope but to believe. I believe that I have had messages from Terry in the form of dreams, feathers, electrical issues but when it cuts to the quick is it wishful thinking on our part? No one could want to believe more than me. I can assure you of that but I am also a realist and don't want to be clasping at straws that are not there. Oh, how I wish that I could just "have the faith".

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