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Yogesh Uniyal

Lost my lovely pet Romeo.

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Yogesh Uniyal

I lost my 4 year pet today due to internal bleeding. He was a wonderful Labrador.  He loved me more than anyone else. We all are crying in his memory.

He was sick from last 2 weeks and under medication. Romeo why you left us so soon ??




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I am so sorry!  I can tell Romeo was a wonderful dog, you can tell so much about their spirit and personality from these great pictures...I fell in love with my dog by a rescue picture in the newspaper and fell deeper in love with him each day I had him.  He is scheduled to be euthanized...cancer.  :(

I am so sorry you lost Romeo so young and that he had some suffering.  Beautiful sweet dog.  I choose to believe we'll be with them again...I know many do not believe that way, but no matter, it doesn't make sense to me that they wouldn't have afterlife, they are the greatest creatures of all, our companions and best friends.

I hope this brings you some comfort...you're in my thoughts and prayers.

believe our animals go to heaven.  With that thought, I hope you find comfort in this:




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