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I have been divorced 8 years, was married 27, and still haven't completely moved on.  I'm doing great except on an emotional and relationship level.  I bought a house and have my finances in order.  There are no Divorce Care groups in my area.  I have been through divorce and empty nest.  I love being married.   Single life is so lonely.  I realize there were things I should have appreciated that I didn't.   I still miss him knowing he isn't faithful, that he's a liar, and isn't good for me.  I don't enjoy starting fresh with a new person.  I wish I could skip the dating process and have a significant other.

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Dear Bankerchick,

 It is hard. Adapting and adjusting after being married for 27 years is not easy. Single life is certainly different.

I'm not sure if you are on Facebook, but I think that might be another way to find some divorce support groups.

Have you tried MeetUps in your area? That might be another way to meet people. Or if you are interested, maybe a volunteer opportunity might be a good avenue.

Meeting new people is always hard. It takes time to build new friendships.

Please know we are with you.

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It is hard but worth the effort 

i met a man online two months ago.  He makes me very happy and we are already like old friends we are planning a night away together 

I miss being married still and it is almost like a physical pain some days but meeting someone else really helps 

I live with my adult children so he won’t be moving in but it has made all the difference just knowing he likes me and wants to spend time with me 

please try meeting someone we all need hugs 




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