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Losing my uncle, bestfriend, and playing the Blues

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Hello everyone

I recently got back onto this forum after making a post numerous months ago when I was really struggling with my uncle and best friends death. My best friends death date is slowly approaching, making it a year, and my uncles death is right after my birthday. I am a senior in high school with ambitions to go onto college and get my Bachelors in Computer Science, but ever since my best friends death, and my uncles death, I have been having trouble focusing and am procrastinating. I had a rough patch my last semester of my junior year, and ended up slacking on my grades and its causing me worry that this year I am going to do bad, despite my classes which are fairly chill as I wanted to ended my year with a relaxed ease. I seem to have a light in Music, playing Guitar, Banjo, Piano, Harmonica, and listening to old Blues, Country, Jazz, Bluegrass, Ragtime, and swing. I also dress from the 1900s to the 1940s everyday, wearing a suit and hat from the eras. Losing my best friend and uncle seemed to put a change in me, I now wear suits, I play and write Blues music of my own, and I get shows on a monthly basis either opening for bands or playing a set or two. I consider myself someone who sings for those who cant sing or who dont sing, and for those who struggle like me. I am working hard at what I do, but I realize being a full time musician doesnt make it in society, so I want to go to college and live a successful life with a job and play music on the side. I am starting to overcome this massive trauma and shock, but I am hoping that I can prove my anxiety wrong and do right by focusing on school, and then doing my blues on the side. 

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Dear BluesPreacherCreighton,

Thank you for coming back and updating us.  I know its really hard without your beloved friend and uncle. It sounds like you are taking the right steps. Focusing on school and your music on the side shows a lot of strength and determination to keep moving forward the best you can.

Please know we'll be with you.

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