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So how is Joy achieved? Where is it found? In thinking on this, the question arose in my mind of how Joy was stolen from me in the first place. What brought on the darkness and keeps it at the forefront of my mind? The death of my Father, of course; but there is something else: the dishonoring of his good name that goes on in my family even now. Because of this hatred, however unjust; they do not even find it in their hearts to let a dead man rest in peace. They remain calloused, showing no pity, and are only aggravated by Baby's crying and, of course, by her honoring his name.

So what is the answer for Baby? For me it lies in righting all wrongs; it is righting the slander done, and still being done, to my Father by those who hated him unjustly. How is this done? At the least it comes in telling the truth about him, which is to say, honor his life in the sight of those who hated him, and hate him still; that they at least hear it. They might not accept it; but at the very least they will hear it. And in this I have Joy; Joy that comes in my Father's vindication. It is a great help to me to come here to write; a great help and healing, indeed. Thank you all.


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