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A Journey To The End Of Forever

A Journey To The End Of Forever
I have a projected expiration date of "less than a year". It gives me some pause to think ...ugh...I had heard this from Oncologists regarding a few other people who have been in my circles who had been diagnosed with cancer of some type, and some had actually only lived a few weeks or months, at the most, past their expiration date. But..I have to remain optimistic about my own timeline because there simply are too many places I wish to see in this crazy world. Having this knowledge is helpful and has also forced me to prioritize the things in my life that really matter. Being aware forces me to also accept that there simply isn't enough time here to do all I would like to do. It has also caused me to make a bucket list and to do everything I can to enlighten as many people as I can. My aim is to be good..do good..pay-it-forward..to remember I was given the gift of being an indigo and always knowing what that meant. Being only 19 though, my list hasn't had time yet to accomplish much. Mistakes I have made along the way has also hindered my most precious of commodities...time. I feel not too bad right now..My album is a reflection on the places I have been and things I have done. I won't have time to publish this titled journey, but trust who takes over to do just that.
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