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Jeremy Pt. 1



So, I finally got a name from the young man who was standing behind my front door, which lead to his quickly saying, "I'm here to get Brandon and take him to work with me, today". 

I said, frankly, " Good. Somebody needs to help him with work because I talked to Leonard last night, and he said that if Brandon's going to stay with us, he's got to have a job or he's got to go". 

At this point, I have allowed the young man follow me inside, and gestured to the couch Brandon was sleeping on and told the youngster, "If you can get his stubborn self to even  wake up". 

I had gotten to the kitchen to get a glass of milk. I had some pretty fierce heartburn from the baby, and milk was the only thing I could use to cool the burning inferno in my chest and throat. By the time I had made it the 5-7 feet back into the kitchen Jeremy had gotten Brandon to acknowledge him and sit up partially on the couch with a cigarette in his mouth.  Jeremy was talking nine kinds of trash to Brandon, and I couldn't help but laugh. 

Finally, Jeremy got Brandon to pull his shoes on to his feet, and they walked out the door. For some un-Godly reason, I was compelled to follow them out, and I sat down on the top step of my porch, I was mesmerized by the guy who had just left with Brandon. As the two of Jeremy and Brandon got into Jeremy's car I heard a voice (now I'm not paranoid schizophrenic so, I don't hear voices in my head on a regular basis). This voice was as clear to me as the day is long and said, "Oohwee! You need to find out who that is. He's got to be at least 18 because he's got a job and a car. Find out who he is because he's the one you're meant to be with".  

More of the story later.



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