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Can't truly accept

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Hello, I'm a 29 yr old f. Im having difficulty really accepting the loss of my dad. He wasy absolute hero. Though he suffered from the agonizing death of diabetes, I feel so childlike ...He told me since I was a little girl he always told me he lived for me, he always made me feel valuable. He passed in April but I feel like a bad trick has been played on me! I could go on and on...I just need help but like everyone else I'm broke ,Wrk, home. My town is so small law or no law if I go for free assistance you cant imagine the repercussions.... any advice at all?

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I am very sorry about the loss of your father. There are many people in our Loss of  Parent forum (scroll up toward the top) and feel free to post there. Also, come join the chats and talk about how you feel. It's the best way to heal. Talking will help you process your feelings and sort through them. We welcome you here to our community.


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