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Grief is colour.

Grey, covers everything whilst your mind is clouded with shock.

Flashes of red, throbbing pain, and anger at what has happened.

Black, all consuming, swallowing up the light,

Smothering, choking,enveloping.

White is the nothingness, empty, devoid of feelings.

 Apathy, hopelessness, existing.

Blue is the beginning of recovery a new beginning.

Yellow is the sunrise and sunset,

Seeing a hope for the future. 


Blue is the beginning of recovery

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After thinking more about it I expanded this poem so here is the final piece.

Grief is coloured. 

Grey, covers everything like a thick mist.

Your mind is clouded with shock and disbelief.

Flashes of red, throbbing pain

And anger at what has happened

All consuming black, swallowing up the light,

Smothering, choking, enveloping.

White is the nothingness, empty

Devoid of feeling, uncaring.

Apathy, hopelessness ,existing not living.

Purple is the colour of my soul

Beaten, bruised and battered.

Showing the wounds I have had inflicted upon me.

Orange is the true colour of Tommy's hair.

Flaming, vibrant, eye catching.

The colour of my family's love is pink

Warm, and soft 

Wrapped around me like a tightly furled rosebud.

Blue is the start of recovery

A new beginning.

Yellow is the sunrise and sunset

Seeing light and hope for the future.

I have survived another day..........


To my eldest son Tommy I love you more than words can say and miss you with every breath I take. xxxx



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Tommy's mum, thanks for sharing your poetry on this thread. Sending you gentle thoughts and healing wishes.

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thank you. I have only recently been able to write down my thoughts, poems and observations, before i was too closed up and afraid to let them go because of the emotions they release.

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Laurie that quote is so true. I want to learn to be a happier person, to find joy every day when life is just difficult to cope with not just grief, to be able to smile through problems and to enjoy being alive instead of just existing. I have sufferered with bad depression before my Tommy was killed but that increased exponentially along with anxiety. I read about people who just love life and i would love to know their secret. I try to enjoy simple things, a good cup of coffee, a message from a friend, a beautiful sunset, a stunning flower etc and try to make my mind peaceful but there is something missing.

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Dodge Ball

The unannounced tragedy struck
Now a swift and silent menace
Which stalks my every intention
Throws dodge balls at my anxiety
Hoping for a direct hit
The target painted on my wounded heart
While the panic sets in
Fluttering in my stomach
Swallowed hard in an attempt to push
Ends up in my trembling hands
That I use to pry the words
From deep within my silent cries
Cries that echo in my lungs
Lungs that can't find my breath
In the darkness from where
My nightmares rise
Those unannounced unwelcome blows
I cannot blink away with the tears

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Groves of Sorrow

I never noticed the sound that tree branches made when they bent in the wind,
Until I was listening for your soft sweet whistle and words that never came
I had never felt the warm sun on my eyelashes in the summer afternoon,
Until I was standing out there, eyes tightly shut, trying to wish you into being
I never noticed that the birds’ songs were all alarms and not greetings
Until they made me cry

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Ticking Time

I would give you back the long sleepless nights
Where I paced the floor in worry
The hours of panicked pleading phone calls
Hoping that he could answer
To wind back the covers of your steel trap bed
Un-silence the treasure that lays within
The unmoving arms of ticking seconds
I am stunned by the cruelty of moment
As each and every minute known
Painfully pushes me closer to a limit
Tightly wound and ready to break
You stole those nimble hands
From the womb in my heart
Where he could have put it back together
Inside the case, who’s face lies empty
Bleeding gears and jewels lay scattered
Senselessly pried out by a knife
Never again being able to hold him
To put my ear against his chest
And hear his loudly ticking future

~mks 02/17/2017

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Devianz sometimes poetry or journalling can be the best way to be able to say the words or voice the emotions when your body cannot because the breath is stolen from your lungs and your heart is in so much pain. keep writing your words are heard.

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To all of us heart broken Dad's, I found this on the web. But it rings so true for all of us that have lost.

An Eternal Memory.jpg

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Life Without You


Life without you, now that you are gone, has my heart forever scorned,

So much life, dreams and wishes that will be no more, I ask why, oh why God, to no adjoin,

You were a light that everyone could see, but life without you, there is nothing left of me.

Nothing can take the pain away except the memories of you

Each day the pain I share because you were taken away too soon,

Days without a Son, that was so happy and true, now will always be days of mourning until I pass on to

Just over six weeks has passed now since you were called home

But My Love for you Son, will always be there for now and evermore.

Sixteen years I loved you and was so happy to be your Dad,

Those were the best time in my life that I ever had

A Son’s Love is priceless worth more than money and gems

But I will never hear you say I love you to me ever again

Knowing we will meet again in heaven with skies a blue

Has me looking forward to that day too


For my Son, Steven

3 December 2000- 28 January 2017



Written by Allen B.


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