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Lost both parents two months apart.

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I am new here and I could really use an ear.  I found out that my dad passed away this morning, just two months after my mom passed away.  I have always compartmentalized my emotions around others but since my mom passed, my fear of letting my emotions out has turned into major anxiety.  I am not slepeing well.  Last night I was up most of the night with anxiety and then got the news about my dad this morning and I have felt like a zombie all day.  I am in shock.  How do I learn go just let my emotions out?  My parents and I were not the closest, a rough childhood but they are my parent.  I love them and can't in two months I lost them both.  As a mom, it breaks my heart that my kids lost two grandparents so close together.  Is anxiety normal?  

I guess more than anything, I feel lost, scared and shocked.  

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My deepest sympathies and condolences. I'm very sorry for your loss. It is a terrible shock to lose both your parents in such a short time.

Please know everything you are feeling is natural and normal. I think grief takes a toll on our minds and bodies. There are so many feelings and emotions that we all grapple with, its hard to know which way is up.

We are all here to listen and support you in anyway we can.  If you want to maybe consider talking to a grief counsellor or joining a support group.

Since my own father's passing I have tried various things from reading more, journaling, art classes, to try and understand my grief.

Thinking of you. Sending all my thoughts and prayers.




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I am so sorry for your losses.
As it is only been a couple of months and a couple of days, your emotions  would be raw. Time will soften the emotions.
I lost my mother 5 months ago, the first few months were horrible, it's now subsided, still there but subsided.
I too feel lost, scared, anxiety. I have good days and bad days. On good days, life is normal. On bad days, I'm scared of what will happen to me in the future. I don't know how to live without parents, I've had them all my life. This is something new.
The way you describe the way you are feeling sounds like the way I felt a few months ago.
Make sure you give yourself enough time to grieve. Don't push yourself to get over it quickly. Allow the emotions to run its course.

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