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Because of heroin

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My phone starts ringing and it's my baby cousin, deliverer of bad news. When one of our friends dies, he's always the one to let me know. Never did I expect one summer night to get a phone call from my dad, about My baby cousin. Never did I except my whole world to be flipped upside down, my whole childhood ripped out of my chest. 
All my memories now filled with hurt. Empty holidays that don't make sense, 19 Christmas' and halloweens, but never again. My childhood home, my grandparents house, the park, the school, the lake, the beach, the fields, EVERYTHING, a constant reminder that nothing can ever be the same.  And because of what, because of heroin? That doesn't even make sense. 

Because of heroin, we never got to sit at a bar together, he'll never be at my wedding, he'll never meet my children. He will never see the house I just bought. He will never buy his own house, he will never have his own children or marriage. Why would this be God's plan. 

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Dear Cherryice11,

I'm very sorry for your pain and sorrow. I feel for you. I know sometimes nothing makes sense in the world. Please know you are not alone. Thinking of your during this difficult time. Sending all my thoughts and prayers.

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