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Scared to sleep these days...

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Recently had a dream that my mother was alive...but she was sick again. Remember her bleeding in the dream and was very weak and I was scared. Then she ended up dying again. I woke up extremely sad and wanting to cry and did not get out of bed for at least an hour. Her death in real life was already painful, but to experience that twice by a dream, does not help me cope .Is there a way to prevent dreams like this? Every time I dream about her even if it is a good one, I'm still sad when I wake up because I know there is no way the dream can come true and getting to see her again in person is impossible.

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Dear Sweetheart346,

I hear you. I know its hard. I struggle with similar dreams where I try desperately to save my dad, only to realize it was all a dream.

I think my mind is struggling to come to terms with my loss. I know were all so different but others have suggested to me meditation, reading or watching TV before bed, just something to distract my mind before going to bed. Maybe try journaling before bed as well.

Take care of yourself.

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Dear sweetheart346,

I had a lot of dreams about my mother.  Some when she was in the hospital, others, some when she was still alive.  There is nothing we can do to control this process I think.  Our mothers mattered a lot to us, its normal that it affects in an extreme way, they were there always in our lives and now they're gone, of course we are going to struggle.  I stay up late.  I watch tv.  TV series and I get taken away by story lines for a short time it distracts me.  I am not saying its a good thing but thats what I do.  I also journal a lot.  Writing down your feelings helps.  It does me anyway.  Its a way of processing all the emotions that come up.  Be kind to yourself.

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