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I met my husband in the first year of college. He was my first one , at that time didn't have any sexual experiences with anyone.After four years we got married, bought a house had two daughters.He was disappointed every time I gave birth, especially the second time saying he REALLY wants a boy. In 2012 he suddenly changed job accepting a new one 400 km away from our home .He didn't let me know about his plans, just one night told me ,, pack the bag , I m leaving to my new job" . I felt abandoned and furious. Then I cheated him with a guy I met first in 2010 but didn t make any move . In 2012 after my husband changed his job I started having intimate relationship with this guy. Meanwhile my husband came every weekend but didn t spend time with us to compensate the days he was away from us. My affair didn t last too long , especially I began to understand that he didn t love me like I did , he only wanted to have sex with me and move along. Now my husband wants to divorce saying that for this five years knew that I was a cheater but didn't say anything because he had to take action but he thought it wasn t the right time. Still all this five years he was asking me to have a third child hoping it will be a boy. But I didn't want a third child especially with the health problems I had to face the other two times I gave birth . He was also a cheater . He admitted to me especially after I told him the proofs I had and he was astonished about the fact I knew and didn t say anything about it. Along the years I was aware that he had relationships but I thought that confronting him didn't work especially because when I tried to talk him about this things he would told me that I was crazy and said very bad words to me . Now he wants to get divorced . Is there anything to do to save my marriage? He is still away with his job and he s coming home every two weeks. He even took some of his clothes and said he wants to get it done as soon as possible and very quietly. I tried to explain to him that we can't erase 17 years of marriage in just two months. I didn t tell anything to the girls . It s the part that hurts  the most. Any advice for me?

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I realize this is late in posting, but I would seek professional help in sorting through this issue. Your marriage seems fragile at best, and I don't have any answers for you. Would your husband be interested in joint counseling? 





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