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Hi everyone.

I am now 32 years old, my mother passed away when I was 13 she was only 40. I listened to people say how that was a young age not knowing myself how young it really was. For the 20 years I have both unconsciously / consciously making decisions that are, well needless to say weren't very good one's.

I wrote this when I was feeling extremely lost and alone. I hope it helps in some way.


Life she can be a cruel mistress, she takes just as easily as she gives.
We live we die, but all that in between and all that we try that is the gift in disguise. 

The darkness is where we go.
This is where we are safe, this is what we know, we find comfort in knowing the enemy,
This is our solice, darkness is my friend, Where  we are alone, no one to disturb our fears and insecurities.
No one to tell us what is right from wrong.
Our drug of choice is our confidant it numbs the pain it distorts our memories, it takes us to somewhere else, anywhere else.

We carry things for so long that eventually forget what it is like to let go of ourselves and shine. 
We live in the pain because - that of course is what we deserve, we reject all that reminds us that there my be hope, a glimmer of light THAT, frightens us. That is not meant for us, we are alone, we wallow in guilt and shame, we mask our sadness with jester like humor making sure no one else will ever fell like this.

All of the choices we make all of the steps that we take - another step closer to the end, after all isn't that the present? 
When does it stop?
Does it get better? 
Why did I do this?
Why me? 
Question after question.
Here's one, why do I do this to myself? Is it what they would've wanted? Another.
Does my suffering offer anything to those that we suffer for? Selfishness, is that what she would have wanted?
I push and I shove just to feel alive to have some sort of meaning - we drift, we observe just to see how the rest of the world carries on, I analyse the world take it apart just to find why it keeps spinning, why it just won't stop.

Take one step towards the light and ten steps back, I am afraid, I do not belong there no one will understand, they will all judge they will reject me.
I do not need help, I am comfortable here with my self pity and guilt.
I am alone in my prison that is my mind, only a "select few" may enter my world bringing their lights and their candles along with them as they enter.
Not for too long though, too long and it is time for them to leave. Leave me in peace, they couldn't possibly handle what I have to offer, being in the dark would destroy them, they are not strong like me OR is it weak like me? The difference eludes me.

It has been an eternity, it should be over now? Surely?
I should be successful.
I should have everything I need (who I need)
I should be a fully functioning pillar of society.
I should be this, act this way.
No. I am lost.

I know now I am not alone, I am not the only one to suffer, everyone is suffering in one way or another..
No now I am now inspired, those "select few" we chose to enter our domain. They have left a breadcrumb burning trail from their torches,
They are waiting for me.
I will escape my safe haven/prison.
I will say it was for others but it will really be for me and that is okay.
With my strength growing and my fears overcome.
I will be a light for someone else, such as those who have helped me. . . I thank you whole heartedly.
I will live through you.
And she will live on through me"

I asked a friend - "does it get ever go away?" His reply - " it never goes away my friend"

Take solace in knowing you are not alone. We are survivors - let go [ just a little bit ]
Move forward, the world does not stop, so keep up be a beacon for someone else.

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Dear Traveller,

Thank you for sharing. Your words touched my heart. And thank you for letting us know we are not alone in our thoughts and feelings.

Take care. Wishing you all the best.

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