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got an invite to go back to London


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Hi all.
So I just got off the phone (viber) about an hour and a half ago. It was my uncle inviting me back over to London. I desperately want to go. I leave Friday (tomorrow) and I'll be home Monday. I get an early flight home. My husband is on holidays from work until Wednesday. Thing is.... We had Galway planned for Saturday. Now I know from experience that we have this day all planned out and then we'll, end up not going (always happens) personally, I don't see the problem. Ok, I know I only came home Saturday but I'm desperate to go back even if its just for two days... I have the cash all I have to do is change £100 in to € and I can book my flight. My passport is in date and I have spare £ lying around. I know that's Sunday is fathers day, I know... But I feel like I didn't enjoy myself to my full advantage and if and when I go again I will certainly make sure that I do this time. My uncle will meet me in Stansted and it'll be sorted. My husband and dad said that I'm being selfish and I should think of them. I constantly think of them and never do ANYTHING for myself and if I do go ahead and go ament I doing something for myself for once? And this is my LAST holiday for a very very VERY long time. And I can also bring the laptop with me, and get it fixed. So he can stop moaning. I'll never even leave my son for a night again if I go. Its like I'm asking for ******* permission or something. I'm 25 for gods sake and its as if me da and husband have some sort of "hold" over me... Me da said "think of you Marraige." So did my husband. To me that's not fair one bit. Ill be home Monday, we can go out, do something for fathers day, and my husband will get to spend time with me. Sure, didn't he have that chance on Sunday and he stayed in bloody bed!!! Ok, I have to admit. So did I but I was exhausted from all the traveling. I WON'T do it this time 100% I won't. My da said to me on the phone. "Its a bad omen. I'm tellin you" meaning it'll ruin my Merraige. That Merraige is long dead. Long dead. Nothin can fix it now. The husband said he had dinner planned for me on Saturday on our trip for the day. Like I said, I know from experience what is going to happen... They are both trying to guilt trip me. Something my husband is experienced in and as far as my dad. Well..., you all know he takes my husbands side on anything. Now he will moan to the rest of my family about how "selfish" and "inconsistent" I am about going away for two days. He's in work from next Wednesday and he said he'll book holidays off in October. I don't know what's going to happen that far down the line and also October is a bad month for me as it's the first anniversary of my mams passing... So why shouldn't I go now? And you know what? I'm going screw what they think. This Marraige has been gone for ages now and as far as my dad well, he's sided with my husband on absolutely everything so I don't need his opinion on weather I should or shouldn't go. I'm gonna do what makes me happy for once and I'll face the consequences later.... I'll be up early in the morning for a shower, to lodge my money and I'll book my flight. No one is gonna tell me, how to live my life anymore. I give everything and get nothin back, its time to start thinking of my son and myself. My family are gonna be ****** that I've just come home and gone again, but like I have already said. I'll make my own decisions. So am I being unreasonable or fair. In any way, I think I'm being fair - I'll do whatever they want when I come home, I'm only gone for three days...

Need opinions and advice ASAP.

Thanks :)

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