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Losing our father guid3nce please


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Hi all,

Our dad had a stroke about a week ago so we called 999. Paramedics came and these were his stats. Bp 147/111  154/118. Pulse 100bpm. Sp02 on air 94%. Resp rate 28pm. Dad is an alcoholic and refuses any treatment an will not go to hospital. Strok was left side and eye and mouth have dropped. Gp called the following day and said dad had 2 weeks. He is also incontinent but will not let us clean him. He has liquid oramorph for back pain and chest pain but this makes him sleep and whilst asleep he has cheyne stokes these ae 27 seconds of breathing and then 35 seconds of not breathing. During thi  time his hands and feet go black but then go fairly normal when he wakes up. The doctor has not been back since the first visit an a nurse has been in twice. The stroke happened 24/4 its now 03/05. Dad has had no food at all since last Thursday and is only having the odd mouthful of water.  My sister and feel like we have been completely left to our own devices.  Does anyone know how long this can go on for.

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