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So Fresh.....So New.....So Real Losing our son so soon....


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 I am extremely new here and I am going on 13 months of losing my son.....I have read some of the post's and I will have to agree, I hand it to the Dad's who can write. I wish so much my husband would, or even read for that matter. I lost our son 13 months ago, and I hurt just as much today as I did then and I will tomorrow. I have often heard that a child will break a marriage faster than any other loss. I have lost my entire family and my mom and son 6 months apart. I was just coping the loss of my mom when my son passed away. I too, was there when he died, I was giving CPR at the time but I gave him enough to get him to a hospital. Joseph had medical problems from the time he was born, although they did not affect his mind, he had physical limitations and airway limitations, 

but the sense of humor of a 10 year old...He had a neuro surgery that changed him forever the year before he died. Well, one night specifically, he had just started kindergarten, i mean 3 days into it...I am just looking for soemeone who can help us/me get through these next few years!!

God Bless and Take Care.

Erin Thomas

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Erin,  I am passionately feeling how devasted you are feeling.  I so know how

this pain has held you prisoner.  Is there a end to this nightmare?  I have only

had 2 months of this pain as we lost our precious only daughter Aug 2, 2008 and yet

I have no desire to live on. Our new normal is just my husband and I now.  Our future

thru our offspring has ended.  I have carried 4 babies, lost 3 stillbornes,  and now lost our fourth child who lived 27 years.  When my hubby and I die it will be the end of our branch of the family. So now what?  What will life be for us now? 

  I know heaven will be sweeter but our lives are now bitter here.  I guess I (you)

will have live on, get stronger, and grow from this great loss.  I now seek God more than ever and lean on the comfort of others who feel my pain. I can't run from this pain, cannot avoid it or deny.  Its my lot, my cross to bear and no matter how you slice I must go thru this fiery hell untouched or destroyed.  This will only be done with Jesus

help.  Its worse than anything I have ever had to go thru.  I don't have all the answers but I do have the same ache you have and I will help you anyway I can

to reach a healing in this Great Sadness.  I did read a book that helped me understand How God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit work us thru our pain.  Its called "The Shack" by Wm Paul Young.  It is much like "Pilgrims Progess" only it shows how the Trinity functions in our lives.  The way it portrays God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit will

not be the norm but in the end it helps us understand how it operates and explains our wrong thinking.  Its a book I will keep and I could not put it down. 

   I know we can make it thru the fire and coming here will show you that others

are here feeling as you are too.  We can take comfort in knowing others have and are

suffering the same loss.  Private message me if you want to talk or post here as this

board has many different ways to help you get up and move on to living.  I have met some beautiful people here because of my shared loss. We are hre for you

Love And Comfort with Peace

Sarahs Mom


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I lost my mother to breast cancer on Feb 7, 2008 and lost my 16 year old son on June 19, 2008 to a car accident.  I wish I could call it an accidenti without cringing.  My son was car surfing.  His friend drove 68 miles an hour with my son on the hood and lost control.  My son hit the ground at 88 ft per second and dies minutes later of blunt force trama to the chest and abdomen.

I know your pain.  I ask myself every minute of every hour of every day "How can a 16 year od die like this?"  How can this happen.

If you can go back to work, do it.  If you cannot, al least try to busy your mind.  I have returned to work 32 hors a week and I find it enables me to think of something else for even a few minutes at a time.

You are not alone.  I will say a pray for you.

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