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I feel blessed to have found this site. It is of great comfort to know that I am not alone in feeling that i can not go on without my parents.

This may sound kl say but i have found great comfort in counseling.

To be able to share stories about my parents and my childhood makes it a tiny bit easier.

My two girls always remember Grandma and Grandpa with a quote or a gesture that they would have said or done and that particular moment.

I tell them when they cry and are feeling grief that grandma and grandpa are crying to.

So lets laugh and remember the good funny and loving things we all shared with them both

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Hi there,

Welcome onboard! Though grief is not sumtin i wish for other ppl 2 experience, it does feel better knowing others who hv lost their loved 1s are feelin quite d same. During d intital phase, i tot i wld go crazy wif d sudden outburst of tears and crying nonstop.Then i stumbled on dis forum n i felt INFINITELY better knowing there's lots like me. Dis forum became a place i seek solace when im havin my bad days.

I hv 2 agree with u on sharin stories abt our loved ones. I lost my mum on 3rd jan dis year. I was numb, cldnt fully grasp d gravity of d situation. But 1 thing was very therapeutic- sharin stories wif my relatives n friends abt my mum. Likewise, they wld b telling me stuff i didnt noe abt my mum. I felt it was magical, like these nuggets of info was mum's communicatn to me but via them.

I love to tell ppl wat a wonderful person mum was. She has a heart of gold, very generous, always put others b4 her. I keep whispering 2 mum how very lucky i m to b her daughter durin her stay at d hosp.

Im reali thankful dat i m now able to smile when recallin memories wif mum. These memories i guard closely 2 my heart till i get 2 meet mum again.

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