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Dad.. I loose your smile...


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Dad, you have left behind just a few responsibilities for me to carry on with mom. You were so kind. As I write this, my eyes are getting wet with your remembrance. Your smile is unforgettable. Dad..how could you leave us all and go so easily..without hospital..without pain..I know you are with God..Somehow your death is haunting me from the inside eventhough I pose a brave face out to the world. Only the forgotton will be remembered. You are always in my heart. I cant write more..Being a man of 37 years, Im not able to control myself...what about mom? I will put up a brave face.. Dad..this is my confession..

Well, my dad Dhruva Rao K died on the 25th of April at our residance. He was 68 but he was so active in his regular daily activities. That day too, he usually reminds me when I go to Office of all the things I normally forget. At 11am I got a call at Office that he was being taken to hospital and was not responding. I thought that it was just an age factor and something had happened which was perhaps new to us. I reached the hospital to know that he was no more. I was broke from the inside. But put a brave face as I knew that hell would break down if I did that and there will be nobody left to console my Mom and sisters. I just swallowed all the pain. All these days passed and I am still missing him unable to put out my emotions coz I am a man and forbidden to cry..

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